In my latest Faculty Focus article, I share three more strategies to encourage students to do the pre-class work so they come to class prepared and ready to participate. The three strategies I share are:

  • Ticket to Enter
  • Choose a Side (a more detailed version of this strategy is explained here)
  • Pass the Problem “Cheat” Sheet (a more detailed version of this strategy is explained here)

This article is actually a follow up to an earlier blog post where I shared three more strategies based on the concept of student motivation using Dan Pink’s AMP model (Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose). In both of these articles, I tried to select teaching strategies you can integrate into any of your courses (with a few adaptations for larger courses) and in any discipline. These strategies will encourage your students to come to class ready to engage with you, with each other, and with the course material.

All of these strategies are easy to implement and require just a little time prior to class to prepare. They may sound simple on the surface, but these types of learning activities show students their pre-class work is valued and will be used. It’s not “busy” work.

It may take a few class sessions for students to understand the process. They may resist at first.  Be positive and supportive as they are learning how to learn in a new way. They need to see that they can no longer just “get by” through attendance, taking notes, and memorizing for a test. Keep your standards high and students will rise to meet them.

student support


Try some of these strategies and let me know how it goes!  What adaptations did you make for the type of course you teach? Share your ideas! I look forward to hearing from you!

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