Ideas, inspiration, and advice to help you create engaging learning experiences for your students.

As an educator, it’s hard to keep coming up with new, creative ways to keep your students engaged and motivated. That’s why I’m here!

Hi, I’m Barbi, and I help you create engaging learning experiences for your students.

The tools and resources I provide are based on research and best practices for student learning and engagement.

My goal is to support you in your pursuit of teaching excellence. When you are successful, your students will be successful. And that’s why I dedicate my energy towards supporting you!

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Over the past 16 years, I have facilitated more than 3,100 workshops for more than 16,000 educators from across all types of institutions. My workshops and webinars are grounded in theory, informed by research, and designed for practical application. In 2011, I started FLIP It Consulting, an educational consulting company focused on providing professional development and resources for faculty. The FLIP is when you Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process.” I “practice what I teach”…I FLIP It! I create interactive and engaging learning experiences for you, just as you do for your students.  When you attend my workshops and events, you will always leave with something tangible you can apply immediately in your classroom.

“Barbi has the admirable ability to walk into a room with a group of strangers and make everyone in that room comfortable. She is one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever known.”
Majed Al-Ghandour, Wake Technical Community College


I have been working in faculty development and graduate student professional development for 16 years. I was first introduced to faculty development when I worked as a part-time graduate student intern making copies and answering phones in the center for teaching and learning. Through the years, I worked my way up and served as a program assistant, an assistant director for graduate teaching programs, the director of the center, and the director of graduate student professional development. My scholarship focuses on active learning, my FLIP model, flipped classrooms, student engagement, instructional design, faculty development, and professional development for graduate students and postdocs. See my projects page for examples of recent faculty development projects.

“Barbi is a pleasure to work with! She is driven, detail-oriented, and a pro at bringing out the best in the teams with which she works.”
Dr. Tamah Morant, NC State University


In my blog, I share ideas, inspiration, and resources to help you engage students and improve learning.  I write about my FLIP classroom model, teaching and learning in higher education, instructional design, and faculty and graduate student professional development. My blog was recognized as one of the Favorite Faculty Development blogs in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

I also write articles for Faculty Focus, and, I have written four books focused on teaching and learning strategies:  101 Ways to FLIP!, 101 Ways to FLIP Your Online Class, FLIP the First 5 Minutes of Class: 50 Focusing Activities to Engage Your Students, and 101 ‘Unplugged’ Flipped Strategies to Engage Students. I served as the editor and a contributing author for Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice From Faculty (September 2016, Magna Publications).

“I am in awe at Barbi’s level of knowledge and passion for advancing professionalism in teaching. Her ability to be highly creative and an “outside the box” thinker was instrumental to me and my goal of improving my course.”
Dr. Dawn Henderson, Winston-Salem State University

My Story

Six years ago, I started building my business part-time on the side while working full time at a research university. For 16 years, I taught workshops, advised graduate students, and served on committees to enhance teaching and learning. The more I traveled and spoke with educators, the more I set my sights on “someday” turning my part-time side job into a full-time business.

“Someday” came in 2015 after my son was born. I decided it was time to make the leap and take my career in a new direction. I enjoyed my time working in a university setting, but I really enjoy working with faculty and graduate students beyond the scope of one campus.

Since 2011, I’ve visited 31 states (and counting!) across the country. I’ve traveled to colleges, universities, and professional conferences facilitating workshops, delivering keynotes, and meeting with faculty to talk about teaching and learning in higher education.

All of the flights, hotel stays, and taxi rides have given me the opportunity to see this beautiful country from coast to coast and meet educators from around the world. I have been able to get a first-hand, ‘on the ground’ look at the current state of teaching and learning in higher education.

I have learned so much about the challenges facing students and faculty in higher education today. And now, I’m so excited to be able to share what I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) with you.


In addition to speaking and writing, I also lead long-term projects to support teaching, learning, and professional development in higher education. Here are a few of my most recent projects.

Featured Projects