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4 Responses to the NY Times Opt-Ed Piece on Lecturing vs. Active Learning

During the past week, colleagues in my network have been discussing the opt-ed piece "Lecture Me. Really." published by Molly Worthen in the NY Times.  It's a polarizing piece that pits lecturing against active learning. Rather than re-state all that has been said, I'd like to feature the top 4 responses from my network. Featured blog posts: #1:  Active Learning is Not Our Enemy: A Response to Molly Worthen. Written by Josh Eyler, this response [...]

How do you design a learning environment with the FLIP model? Dr. Honeycutt featured in new podcast

As some of you may have noticed, I've been working with my web design team to develop a more dynamic web site and blog. One of my goals with the new design is to feature more resources for faculty like you who are excited and passionate about teaching innovations, especially in the context of higher education. Earlier this summer, Dr. Mark Hofer, Associate Professor of Education at the College of William and Mary, invited me to [...]

Are you Nervous about Flipping the Classroom?

Have you... worried that it wouldn't work? thought that it'd be easier to just lecture? feared that students wouldn't "get" the important stuff if you didn't lecture? stressed about the unknown -- like how the students would react? worried that your flipped class might make you seem like less of an "expert"? If any of this sounds familiar, I think it's because the idea of involving our students directly in the learning process is more messy and less predictable than the traditional lecture method. [...]

You don’t have to Redesign your Entire Course: FLIP Strategies You’re Already Doing

Flip It Associate Sarah Glova recently facilitated the Flip a Lesson workshop at Northwest Vista College, sharing her experience with the flipped model and her specialization in Instructional Technology with the NVC faculty. Sarah is President of Reify Media and taught in higher education, both in-person and online, for six years. In this “The One Takeaway” blog post, Sarah reflects on what she learned from the faculty at NVC as we continue to push the conversations [...]

Favorite Faculty Development Blogs

Every day, I try to browse the headlines in The Chronicle of Higher Education so I can stay on top of current issues, conversations, and challenges facing faculty and students.  This morning, I was so excited to see ProfHacker has compiled a list of favorite faculty development blogs based on discussions from members of the POD Network. I already follow several of the blogs mentioned, but I immediately started bookmarking some of the blogs I've never [...]

How Teaching Loads and Class Size Influence the Flipped Model

Happy new year!  For my first blog post in 2015, I thought I should go back and think about two of the common themes I noticed during the final three events I facilitated in 2014.  In October, I facilitated a full day workshop about the flipped model at Tri-County Technical College in South Carolina. In November, I facilitated a two-day Teaching Professor workshop in Texas for Magna Publications. And in December, I facilitated an introductory flipped classroom workshop [...]

VIDEO SERIES! The Flipped Classroom Video 4-Pack is Now Available

Magna Publications has now included the Flipped Classroom 4-pack as part of the 20-Minute Mentor professional development series. Dr. Barbi Honeycutt and Sarah Egan Warren share insights, tips, and strategies for creating successful flipped learning experiences for both you and your students.  From the Magna Publications web site: The Flipped Classroom 4-pack will give you the confidence you need to start flipping your own courses right away: How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson? This [...]

How Different Learning Environments Impact Flipped Classrooms

Spring must be the season for faculty development events!  In the past month, I facilitated two workshops for Johnston Community College in North Carolina; facilitated a pre-conference workshop at the ATI Nurse's Educator Summit in Florida; led a virtual Q&A session for the faculty at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania; and co-facilitated an online seminar for Magna Publications, from the comfort of my own home (whew!).  Needless to say, I haven't had one minute to [...]

What Are We Trying to Improve with the Flipped Classroom?

Last month, I facilitated a full day workshop for faculty in the College of Engineering at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I had a wonderful time, met many people I hope to stay connected with, and learned so much about how to look at the flip through the eyes of engineers.   Although it has taken me a little longer than usual to get back to the blog, I want to continue the tradition of writing [...]

Applying the Flipped Framework to Meetings

My last event for 2013 was the one held closest to home.  The leadership team in the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill invited me to facilitate their annual retreat. Of course, I had to say yes!  I enjoyed working with them and learning more about what they do.  So, let's get down to business... For this retreat, the team wanted to focus specifically on how to FLIP [...]