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By NOT Talking in Your Flipped Classroom, What Are You Saying?

I just returned from the inaugural Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Atlanta!  I met so many wonderful faculty and graduate students from across the world who are celebrating teaching excellence, embracing technology, and finding new sources of inspiration.  It was a great event, and I was honored to be invited as both a speaker and as an exhibitor.  (Thanks Magna Publications!) After four days of thought-provoking presentations, informative sessions, and interesting conversations, it’s almost impossible [...]

No time to FLIP a whole class? FLIP a moment instead!

The flipped class sounds great, but... “I have too much content to cover. I have little time to integrate active strategies.” “I don't have time to redesign the whole course.” “I know interactive learning strategies work, but I don't know where to start.” “I’ve been teaching the same course for years. It works. Why flip it?” “I teach large classes.  There are only so many strategies I can use.” During the past year and a [...]

Challenging What “Always” Happens Outside of the Flipped Classroom

Yesterday, I facilitated a professional development workshop for the Teaching IDEAS workshop series at Duke University. Dr. Hugh Crumley, Director of the Certificate in College Teaching program, and Dr.  Doug James, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, were great hosts!  (Thank you both!)  I even had a little time to visit Duke Gardens, one of my favorite places in NC. During this visit, I met many creative and energetic graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members interested [...]

5 Ways to Address Student Resistance in the Flipped Classroom

“Students forced to take major responsibility for their own learning go through some or all of the steps psychologists associate with trauma and grief:  Shock, Denial, Strong emotion, Resistance and withdrawal, Struggle and exploration, Return of confidence, and Integration and success” (Felder & Brent, 1996, p. 43.) Active learning environments cause disruption. They cause disruption because they go against the status quo.  They break away from the ‘norms’ you typically see in a classroom. In [...]

The FLIP in Health Professions Education

We are pleased to welcome Rebecca Kammer to the Flip It team!  Rebecca is our newest guest blogger, and she will publish a series of articles related to student-centered learning and flipped strategies in the health professions. I was recently introduced to Dr. Honeycutt’s work through a faculty friend.  He described a workshop he attended and said, “I think Flip It captures the same concepts you have been trying to convey to me”.  I couldn’t [...]

Flipping Intro Courses

Every time I facilitate a workshop or teach a class, I learn something new. I learn when a participant asks a question and I don't know the answer. I learn when someone in the audience shares an example.  I learn when a group of students shares their own experiences with each other and I stand on the sidelines and listen to their conversation. I learn when a participant comes up to me after a workshop [...]

Avoid “Zombie Conferences” : FLIP Your Meetings!

Flipping is moving beyond classrooms!  Finally! When I started Flip It Consulting a few years ago, I knew I wanted to focus on creating effective learning environments.  Meetings, classes, training sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences...ALL of these environments can be flipped.  People kept telling me to focus on just one of these, but I couldn't do it.  All of these environments are important, and I believe the techniques and approaches used in flipping the classroom can [...]

3 Places to Find “Flippable” Moments

“How do you determine what can be flipped?”   In almost every workshop I lead, participants ask this question. Sometimes it takes on different forms such as, "I don't have time to flip my whole course. What can I do?." Or, "I don't even know where to begin. How do you know which lectures to flip?" And sometimes, I have participants who tried to flip everything and are clearly burned out and overwhelmed. They always say [...]

Be Actively Passive: 3 Strategies to Be Successful in Flipped Learning Environments

"You want your students to be active; you've got to be a little passive." --Professor Timothy Bresnahan, Stanford University This quote was posted in a recent article published in the Tomorrow’s Professor listserve. When I read it, I immediately thought about how well it applies to flipped learning environments.  Flipped learning environments are dynamic, interactive, and engaging.  If you were to observe one, you’d see students actively engaged in solving problems, talking with each other, [...]

How To Start Flipping Your Meetings

Want to lead more effective meetings? Try flipping one! Last weekend, I presented a session at NC State's SpeedCon.  During this session I introduced participants to the concept of flipping a meeting.  The participants were energetic, enthusiastic, and open to new ideas, and I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with this group. Since we had such a great conversation, I thought I'd share the information from the session as a follow up to the recent [...]