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You Don’t Have to be a Technology Guru to FLIP Your Classroom: An ‘Unplugged’ Flipped Strategy

Discussions about flipped classroom models have almost always included references to some type of technological tool such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. Technology can be powerful, and it has almost become a requirement in today’s learning environments. It has opened the door for educators and students to connect and engage in ways we haven’t been able to before. However, in my mission to expand the definition of the flipped classroom, I want to hit [...]

3 Strategies to Encourage Students to Complete the Pre-Class Work in the Flipped Classroom

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from instructors about the flipped classroom is, “How do you encourage students to do the pre-class work?”  After all, if students are unprepared for the learning activities you have planned for the in-class time, then the flipped model will not be as successful. Usually, before I answer the question, I ask two questions of my own. First, I ask, “How are you defining the flipped classroom [...]

5 Ways Students Say Their Role Changes in the Flipped Classroom

What are students' roles and responsibilities in learning environments that use the FLIP classroom model?  This is the question I wanted to explore with the incoming Pharmacy students at Chapman University's School of Pharmacy (CUSP) during their new student orientation. A little background...throughout the past year and a half, we have been working closely with the faculty at CUSP as they prepare for their first incoming class. We have worked alongside the faculty to develop a [...]

FLIP Your Classroom with the Paired Jigsaw Activity: Build Communication and Analysis Skills

If you want to know how well your students know something, tell them to teach it to someone else. If you find a flippable moment in your lesson or course, but you have minimal prep time to develop an activity, try the “Paired Jigsaw." This activity challenges students to synthesize and analyze information at a deeper level which is exactly what we're aiming for in the flipped classroom. With this strategy, students become the ones [...]

FLIP Your Classroom with this Teaching Strategy: Pass the Problem

In the previous blog post, Sarah shared her nervousness about flipping a recent faculty development workshop at South Dakota State University. This was one of the most read blog posts in recent months, and I started thinking about what that might mean.  Many of you might still be experimenting with the flipped classroom model and learning to become more comfortable with your shifting role in active learning classrooms. Moving from lecturing to becoming a facilitator [...]

How Student Motivation Affects Flipped Classrooms

Flip It Associate Sarah Glova recently facilitated the Flip a Lesson workshop at Pikes Peak Community College, sharing her experience with the flipped model and her specialization in Instructional Technology with the PPCC faculty. Sarah is President of Reify Media and taught in higher education, both in-person and online, for six years. In her first "The One Takeaway" blog post, Sarah reflects on what she learned from the faculty at PPCC as we continue to push the conversations forward [...]

How the “Model, Coach, Fade” Strategy Supports Students and Instructors in Flipped Classrooms

It's becoming more challenging to write The One Takeaway after every event, so again, I'll combine several events into one post so we can continue to engage in discussions about the flipped approach in higher education environments.  Since the last One Takeaway blog post, I facilitated events at the Endodontist Educators Association, Florida A&M University, the Teaching Professor Conference, and North Carolina State University.  As always, I met so many creative and innovative faculty members who are [...]

Looking for a flipped strategy? Try the Gallery Walk

“If you want students thinking, get students moving!” Brain research tells us that physical movement enhances learning, thinking, and retention.  If you’re looking for a way to integrate movement into your class, try a flipped strategy known as The Gallery Walk! For this strategy, you will need:  flip chart paper, tape, and different colors markers. And you’ll need to have a plan to divide students into groups. Here’s how it works! First, set up the [...]

Steps to FLIP Your Online Class

Sarah Glova, President of Reify Media, is a part of the Flip It team. Sarah specializes in Instructional Technology, and we've been exploring how the flipped model can be applied to online learning environments.   In this blog post, Sarah shares her recommendations and advice for creating engaging, student-centered online learning environments using the flipped framework. Her O-N-L-I-N-E acronym makes it easy to remember!   I recently partnered with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt on two projects related to [...]

Can you FLIP an online class?

In my latest Faculty Focus article, I teamed up with my colleague, Sarah Glova, to explore how we might be able to flip an online class.  Sarah is the Founder of Reify Media and she's also a Flip It Associate.  Her expertise in online learning adds value to the current discussions around the flipped framework. We have been pushing against the definition of the flip as being something that only happens 'in' or 'out' of [...]