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How to get started with the FLIP and active learning

5 Must-Read Blog Posts Every Instructor Should Read Before Flipping a Class

As I write this post, it's the beginning of fall semester. Fall is really our "new" year!  It's the perfect time to take a look through the archives and see which articles have been most helpful for faculty who are thinking about flipping a class. If you are just starting to think about flipping your class, or if you’ve already tried it and want to make a few adjustments, here are the top five most [...]

Addressing the most frequently asked questions about the flipped classroom in higher education

Each of these articles addresses one of the most frequently asked questions about the flipped classroom in higher education. The articles were published as part of a summer series I published in Faculty Focus.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know I define the flipped classroom a little differently than most scholars. In my work, the FLIP means to Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process. It's about more than [...]

Avoid These Five Rookie Mistakes When Flipping Your Class

There’s so much buzz about the flipped classroom model. From K-12 to higher education settings, from corporate training to continuing education, instructors around the world are talking about how to use inverted instructional design to engage students and improve the learning experience. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement! However, as I travel across the U.S. and speak with educators, it’s not uncommon for me to hear: "I tried it and it didn’t [...]

What should I know before I FLIP my class?

I’m just beginning to think about integrating active learning and flipped course design. What should I know before I FLIP my class? I’m glad you’re taking a moment to think carefully about how to integrate these ideas you’re your classes. You’ll save time and frustration by following a few guidelines and learning from the advice of other faculty who have successfully integrated the FLIP into their classes. First, remember, in my work the FLIP means [...]

What can I do about student resistance?

Many of my students resist active learning. They don’t seem to understand the value of this type of learning experience. What can I do? It helps to first try to understand why students are showing resistance. It could be because of assumptions they are bringing with them based on previous negative experiences with active learning. However, student resistance often comes from a place of confusion or fear. They may be uncertain about this type of [...]

Where can I find ideas for new teaching strategies to engage students?

I tend to use the same strategies in class and I’m ready to try something different. Where can I find ideas for new teaching strategies to engage my students? I’m glad you are looking for new ideas to connect with your students! You’re the kind of educator I like to work with! I know you probably have a whole collection of strategies you use to engage students, but it’s fun to explore new ideas and [...]

How do I get students to come to class prepared?

How do I get students to do the pre-class work and come to class prepared? If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone! This is the number one most frequently asked question I hear from educators across the world when it comes to flipped course design an active learning. Unlike courses where content is primarily delivered through lecturing during class time, courses based on active learning and flipped course design rely heavily on student involvement [...]

What’s new in the flipped classroom conversation?

The flipped classroom conversation has been around for more than five years now. You get it. You know what it is, and you know how to do it (or, you’re at least trying it and figuring it out as you go!). When I returned from leading three full days of faculty development workshops at Wright State University and Forsyth Technical Community College last month, I came home with a profound sense that the conversations about [...]

Steps to FLIP Your Online Class

Sarah Glova, President of Reify Media, is a part of the Flip It team. Sarah specializes in Instructional Technology, and we've been exploring how the flipped model can be applied to online learning environments.   In this blog post, Sarah shares her recommendations and advice for creating engaging, student-centered online learning environments using the flipped framework. Her O-N-L-I-N-E acronym makes it easy to remember!   I recently partnered with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt on two projects related to [...]

Applying the Flipped Framework to Meetings

My last event for 2013 was the one held closest to home.  The leadership team in the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill invited me to facilitate their annual retreat. Of course, I had to say yes!  I enjoyed working with them and learning more about what they do.  So, let's get down to business... For this retreat, the team wanted to focus specifically on how to FLIP [...]