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Teaching Experience Is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage: Sharpening Your Communication Skills

This is the second article in an ongoing series examining how the skills you gain when you teach are valuable to any position in any profession.  In this article, we'll focus on communication skills. In the first article, I encouraged you to take advantage of opportunities to teach when you’re in graduate school or working in a postdoc position. I shared a list of 10 transferable skills in teaching. As a reminder, here’s the list: The [...]

Transferable Skills in Teaching: Teaching experience can be your greatest competitive advantage

Welcome to the new section of my blog dedicated to professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. You’re the Next Generation of scholars, leaders, faculty members, educators, speakers, and entrepreneurs! I’m excited for the journey ahead of you and I hope you are too! For more than a decade, I worked at a research university developing programs and services specifically for graduate students and postdocs who wanted to learn how to teach and how [...]