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New Book! Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty

We're finally starting to see more peer-reviewed journal articles related to flipping college classrooms. But, there's still a need for practical, "how to" resources to help faculty think about how to implement the flipped model. That's why I'm so excited to finally announce the release of my new book Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty (Magna Publications)! Many of you know I spent most of the summer writing nonstop so the book would [...]

3 Ways You Can Use Index Cards to FLIP Your Class: Another “Unplugged” Flipped Strategy

Use index cards to flip your class, increase engagement, and improve student learning. Index cards are an "unplugged" flipped strategy to use in any class. Sometimes, a tool as simple as an index card can be an excellent way to flip your class, increase engagement, and improve student learning. Index cards are readily available, adaptable to any learning environment, and can be used for to both involve students and assess learning. And, since index cards [...]

Reader Survey: What more do you want to know about the flipped classroom?

One of my highest priorities is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to design engaging learning experiences for your students. To help me do this, I'd like to invite you to complete this 1 QUESTION survey so I can learn more about your questions, challenges, and needs. It'll take less than 5 minutes, and in return, you will be added to my VIP list so you will be the first to hear about special announcements [...]

FLIP the First 5 Minutes of Class: 50 Proven Strategies to Engage Your Students

Don’t waste a minute of class time! Use a focusing activity to minimize distractions, maintain momentum, and create more time for learning. When you teach using any of the learning-centered or student-centered approaches, the quality of your class time depends on your students coming to class ready to participate and...

You Don’t Have to be a Technology Guru to FLIP Your Classroom: An ‘Unplugged’ Flipped Strategy

Discussions about flipped classroom models have almost always included references to some type of technological tool such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. Technology can be powerful, and it has almost become a requirement in today’s learning environments. It has opened the door for educators and students to connect and engage in ways we haven’t been able to before. However, in my mission to expand the definition of the flipped classroom, I want to hit [...]

4 Responses to the NY Times Opt-Ed Piece on Lecturing vs. Active Learning

During the past week, colleagues in my network have been discussing the opt-ed piece "Lecture Me. Really." published by Molly Worthen in the NY Times.  It's a polarizing piece that pits lecturing against active learning. Rather than re-state all that has been said, I'd like to feature the top 4 responses from my network. Featured blog posts: #1:  Active Learning is Not Our Enemy: A Response to Molly Worthen. Written by Josh Eyler, this response [...]

How do you design a learning environment with the FLIP model? Dr. Honeycutt featured in new podcast

As some of you may have noticed, I've been working with my web design team to develop a more dynamic web site and blog. One of my goals with the new design is to feature more resources for faculty like you who are excited and passionate about teaching innovations, especially in the context of higher education. Earlier this summer, Dr. Mark Hofer, Associate Professor of Education at the College of William and Mary, invited me to [...]

Survey Highlights the Benefits and Challenges of the Flipped Classroom Model in Higher Education

Last year, I worked with Magna Publications and Faculty Focus to conduct a survey on the benefits and challenges of the flipped classroom model in higher education. The findings give us a glimpse of where we are with this instructional model and what campus leaders need to consider as they develop programs and resources to support faculty and students. It was not surprising to me to see the number one challenge for faculty who want [...]

Favorite Faculty Development Blogs

Every day, I try to browse the headlines in The Chronicle of Higher Education so I can stay on top of current issues, conversations, and challenges facing faculty and students.  This morning, I was so excited to see ProfHacker has compiled a list of favorite faculty development blogs based on discussions from members of the POD Network. I already follow several of the blogs mentioned, but I immediately started bookmarking some of the blogs I've never [...]

Flipped Classroom Videos: 4-Pack Now Available Through Magna Publications

Magna Publications has now included the Flipped Classroom 4-pack as part of the 20-Minute Mentor professional development series.  Dr. Barbi Honeycutt and Sarah Egan Warren share insights, tips, and strategies for creating successful flipped learning experiences for both you and your students.  From the Magna Publications web site: The Flipped Classroom 4-pack will give you the confidence you need to start flipping your own courses right away: How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson? This [...]