Don’t waste a minute of class time! Use a focusing activity to minimize distractions, maintain momentum, and create more time for learning.

When you teach using any of the learning-centered or student-centered approaches, the quality of your class time depends on your students coming to class ready to participate and engage. This is why I encourage faculty to integrate a “focusing activity” into the first five minutes of class.

A focusing activity is designed to — you guessed it — focus your students’ attention and energy immediately when they arrive (or log in) to class.

Unlike the videos and podcasts we use in our classes, time is not something we can pause or rewind. We have to use our limited class time carefully and wisely. Integrating a focusing activity into the beginning of your class frees your time and gives you the opportunity to spend every minute you have with students engaging, interacting, and working together.

When used in combination with the flipped classroom model or any active learning approach, focusing activities will increase the likelihood that your students will be motivated come to class prepared and ready to engage.

After working with thousands of educators across the country, I decided to create a resource to make it easy for you to find ideas for focusing activities to add to your classes. I’m so excited to announce my newest book “FLIP the First 5 Minutes of Class:  50 Focusing Activities to Engage Your Students.”

In this book, you will learn:

  • what a focusing activity is
  • why focusing activities are so important in flipped and active learning classes
  • why the first five minutes of class are so important
  • how focusing activities are different than icebreakers
  • how focusing activities allow you to maximize your limited class time and create more time for learning

This book is filled with teaching strategies, reflective questions, checklists, and advice to spark your creativity so you can engage your students and improve learning.

You can apply and adapt these strategies to any learning environment.
Purchase your copy today!