Magna Publications has now included the Flipped Classroom 4-pack as part of the 20-Minute Mentor professional development series.

Dr. Barbi Honeycutt and Sarah Egan Warren share insights, tips, and strategies for creating successful flipped learning experiences for both you and your students.  From the Magna Publications web site:

The Flipped Classroom 4-pack will give you the confidence you need to start flipping your own courses right away:

Flipping doesn’t have to be such a scary proposition.

When done right, it can energize students and promote higher levels of learning.

In this series of four 20 Minute Mentors, find the confidence to flip a lesson in a course you already teach or a new course you are designing.

To order these videos or to see more of the 20-Minute Mentor resources, visit the Magna web site today!

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