This month, Faculty Focus released a special FREE report titled, “Blended and Flipped:  Exploring New Models for Effective Teaching and Learning.”  Of the 12 articles selected to be in the report, we’re excited to announce that four of them are written from the Flip It Consulting team members!

Here’s an overview of the report from Faculty Focus:

This special report features 12 articles curated from past issues of The Teaching Professor, Online Classroom, and Faculty Focus. With six articles dedicated to blended learning and six articles on the flipped classroom, Blended and Flipped: Exploring New Models for Effective Teaching & Learning provides an inside look at how faculty are using these approaches to reshape the college classroom. Articles include:

  • Putting the Learning in Blended Learning
  • Recommendations for Blended Learning Course Design
  • The Process Approach to Online and Blended Learning
  • Expanding the Definition of a Flipped Learning Environment
  • “I Don’t Like This One Little Bit.” Tales from a Flipped Classroom
  • Looking for ‘Flippable’ Moments in Your Class

Regardless of the definitions used to describe each approach, at the heart of both blended learning and flipped learning is a learner-centered curriculum that changes the traditional roles of instructor and student. In the article “Expanding the Definition of a Flipped Learning Environment,” Honeycutt and Garrett write, “When planning a flipped lesson, an instructor should begin with the question, ‘What do the students need to DO to achieve the learning outcome?’ This change in perspective will immediately flip the focus of the lesson since the question emphasizes the efforts of the learners, not the instructor.”

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