Get the Book! Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty

Q: Where can I find practical advice about flipping the college classroom?

A:  We’re finally starting to see more peer-reviewed journal articles related to flipping college classrooms. But, there’s still a need for practical, “how to” resources to help faculty think about how to implement the flipped model. That’s why I’m so excited to announce the release of my book Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty (Magna Publications, 2016).

Many of you know I spent most of the summer writing nonstop so the book would be available in time for the Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Atlanta this past weekend (we did it!). So far, the feedback has been very positive – and it’s been so much fun to meet readers and sign a few books!

About the Book:
As the editor and a contributing author, I analyzed Faculty Focus articles, Magna Online Seminars, 20-Minute Mentor videos, and the feedback from the 2015 Faculty Focus survey on flipped classroom trends. I invited 14 faculty members representing a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds to contribute a chapter and share their advice.

I believe this book presents the most current thinking about how to plan, implement, and assess the flipped learning model in higher education.

I divided the book into five chapters, and each chapter ends with questions you can use for continued reflection, discussion, and application. Here’s a quick overview:

Chapter 1:  Organizing and Planning the Flipped Classroom

-What to consider before you flip
-How to decide what to flip
-How to organize a flipped lesson

Chapter 2: Supporting Students: Preparation, Motivation, and Resistance

-How to encourage students to come to class prepared
-How to help support students understand their new role in the flipped classroom
-What to do to address student resistance and lack of motivation

Chapter 3: Connecting With and Reaching All Students

-How to integrate the principles of Universal Design for Learning into your flipped lesson
-How to think about the flipped model in large classes
-What to consider for your introverted learners in the flipped classroom

Chapter 4: Assessing Learning in the Flipped Classroom

-What types of assessment strategies work best with the flipped model
-How to organize and assess group work
-What to consider as you develop a grading process in the flipped classroom

Chapter 5: Integrating Technology into the Flipped Classroom

-How to make the online part of your flipped classroom more engaging
-How to use tech tool for grading and giving feedback
-How to use tech tools effectively in the classroom to engage students

The book concludes with future directions for the flipped classroom, a copy of the findings from the 2015 Faculty Focus survey, templates and worksheets, and a list of references.

No matter where you are in your flipped classroom journey, I hope this will be a helpful resource for you. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, and questions. Email me or Tweet to @barbihoneycutt.

Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty is now available exclusively from and Magna Publications.

Nothing like holding your own book!

Nothing like holding your own book in your hands!


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About the Author:

Dr. Barbi Honeycutt is a speaker, scholar, and author. She shares ideas and creates resources to support educators in creating engaging learning environments. She is the founder of FLIP It Consulting in Raleigh, NC, and an adjunct professor. The “FLIP” means to “Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process.”

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