Just released!  The 101 Ways to FLIP! idea booklet is now available through Amazon.com.  Order your copy today!

This e-book offers 101 strategies you can use to FLIP any learning environment. The FLIP is when you “Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process.” Flipping means reversing the way you design the learning environment so participants are engaging in activities, applying concepts, and focusing on higher level learning outcomes during the class, training, or meeting time. You can flip classes, meetings, and training sessions to create learning environments that are engaging, motivational and productive.

Trainers, teachers, educators, facilitators, and anyone who leads meetings, classes and training sessions can browse this booklet for inspiration and guidance. Every strategy can be adapted and re-adapted to flip your environments. It’s a great little resource when you need a little inspiration!amazon

Available through Amazon.com