Magna Publications just released the new white paper on The Flipped Approach to a Learner Centered Class based on the webinar facilitated by Dr. Honeycutt in February 2013.  Edited by Dr. Honeycutt, this 50-page white paper will give you the information and courage you need to flip a course, a class, a lesson, or just part of any of these. These resources include:

  • An examination of the role of Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it influences the flipped approach
  • Ideas for fostering higher-level learning in the classroom
  • Methods for motivating students to complete pre-class assignments
  • A detailed discussion of the four elements of a flipped class
  • An extended study of a flipped class example
  • Self-assessment strategies to help instructors determine their strengths and weaknesses
  • A discussion of possible obstacles, including institutional unreadiness, to flipping

Order your copy through Magna Publications. (Available in digital and hard copy formats.)

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