FLIP It Course: Strategies to Engage Students and Improve Learning

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A step-by-step process to help you create successful flipped and active learning experiences, avoid the most common mistakes, increase student engagement, and improve learning. More info: flipitcourse.com

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This is a self-paced on-demand course featuring a series of video modules. Each video module is 25-40 minutes and includes:

  1. An actual case study, story, or example.
  2. A worksheet you can complete as you work through the content.
  3. A common “rookie mistake” so you’ll know what to avoid when planning your flipped class.
  4. A “pro tip” to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.
  5. Three flipped strategies so you can add more ideas to your classes.
  6. A homework assignment so you can apply what you’ve learned in the module.
  7. Helpful articles, checklists, and templates related to the topic of the module.
  8. An exclusive discussion forum within each module for asking questions and sharing ideas.
  9. A copy of the slides so you can follow along during the video.
  10. A transcript of the video.


  1. Deciding What to FLIP
  2. Brainstorming Your Flipped Lesson
  3. Planning and Organizing Your Flipped Lesson, Part 1
  4. Planning and Organizing Your Flipped Lesson, Part 2
  5. Adjusting to Your New Role in the Flipped Classroom
  6. Assessing Learning in the Flipped Classroom
  7. Addressing Student Resistance in the Flipped Classroom
  8. Managing Your Time, Energy, and Priorities in the Flipped Classroom


  • Access to the Flipped Strategies Library featuring 100+ active learning strategies and ideas.
  • The FLIP Kit gives you a centralized place to record your thoughts, organize your ideas, and reflect on the process as you work through the course. 
  • Access to the private course discussion forums and the private LinkedIn group exclusively for students in the course.


  • Instant access to all course content.
  • Access to all bonus materials.
  • Access to all updated course content, materials, and resources.
  • Access to the private online communities.
  • 24/7 access to tips, advice, resources, and teaching strategies

Within 24 hours, you will receive login instructions via email.