I tend to use the same strategies in class and I’m ready to try something different. Where can I find ideas for new teaching strategies to engage my students?

I’m glad you are looking for new ideas to connect with your students! You’re the kind of educator I like to work with! I know you probably have a whole collection of strategies you use to engage students, but it’s fun to explore new ideas and mix things up sometimes, especially if you’ve been teaching the same course for the past several years.

Here are a few resources to help you add more ideas to your classroom:

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101 Ways to FLIP! (available in print and e-book formats)
This 46-page idea booklet features a collection of teaching strategies you can use to FLIP an in-person class, meeting, or training session.

101 Ways to FLIP Your Online Class (available in print and e-book formats)
This 50-page idea booklet is packed with new ideas to involve students, increase engagement, and improve learning in the online environment.

FLIP the First 5 Minutes of Class: 50 Focusing Activities to Engage Students (available in print and e-book formats)
Here are 50 different strategies you can use in the first five minutes of class to focus students’ attention, get them engaged immediately, and help them connect their pre-class work to the in-class activities.

One of the best resources I recommend for new teaching strategies is the Faculty Focus blog. This resource is sponsored by The Teaching Professor and Magna Publications. I also highly recommend the Teaching Professor Conference and the Teaching Professor Technology Conference.

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