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The Lecture Breakers Academy is designed for busy educators.

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your teaching coach is a faculty development program. this infographic includes 10 module topics (lesson planning, active learning on site, active learning online, flipped and blended learning, assessing student learning, access for all, motivation, critical thinking, reflection and debriefing, career development. all 10 of these topics are featured on a road showing the journey we go through to transform to effective educators.

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Each semester brings new challenges and opportunties, and that's why you get access to the Lecture Breakers Academy for a whole year.

We're here to support you every step of the way as you transform your courses and create learning experiences that align with your values and goals as an educator.

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Perfect for faculty development professionals and campus leaders who want to offer high quality, engaging, and flexible learning experiences for faculty.

The Lecture Breakers Academy makes it easy for you to provide the support and resources professors need to continue their journey to become effective and engaging educators.

Faculty learn from guest experts, participate in coaching sessions, and connect with other educators within and beyond your campus.

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Perfect for professors, instructors, and educators looking to create more effective and engaging learning experiences for college students.

Enhance your approach to teaching, connect with colleagues in our private community, and get the support you need when you need it.

The Lecture Breakers Academy includes a combination of on-demand events, live coaching sessions, and microlessons. Designed for busy professors, the academy makes it easy to continue your professional development anytime, anywhere.

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