What Are Your Students Going to Do Today? Teaching Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

teaching strategies to increase student engagement in flipped classroom

When you sit down to plan your next lecture, lesson, or class discussion, ask yourself this question: What are the students going to DO today? This e-book includes a collection of 60 articles featuring active learning strategies and flipped learning strategies you can easily integrate into your lessons to engage students and improve learning. 

Don’t give “just another lecture.” Mix things up and get your students engaged in solving problems, working collaboratively, and creating new ideas. The ideas and strategies in this book will help you get started!

In 2014, I started sharing one free teaching strategy with my readers each month to help you answer this question and plan engaging learning experiences. These exclusive articles were not published anywhere else and they were only available for a limited time. . . until now!

Many of my new readers have asked for access to the whole collection of articles written over the past five years. And loyal readers have asked where they can find older articles or if they can get all of the articles in one convenient place.

You asked, I answered! That’s why I wrote this book. This one is for you!

This e-book includes the collection of all 60 of these exclusive articles published since 2014. Each article features a teaching strategy you can use to engage students and improve learning. 

Each article is 3-5 pages and includes more specific details such as:

  • why use the strategy
  • what challenges to consider before implementing the strategy
  • how to adapt the strategy based on your learning outcomes, class size, and discipline
  • and some articles include templates and worksheets to help you plan ideas for your courses

I hope these ideas inspire your creativity, increase student engagement, and improve learning in your courses. And, I hope they encourage you and your students to have a little fun too!

Get the e-book in digital format and access it from any device.

Get the e-book in Kindle format from Amazon.

teaching strategies to increase student engagement in flipped classroom

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