Episode 113: Case Study Episode: A Look Inside One Professor’s Synchronous + Asynchronous Course with Dr. Dustin York

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In episode 113 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, we are talking about how to teach courses where some of your students are attending class in person, some of them are attending live online, and some of them are watching the recordings or attending asynchronously.

This combination of synchronous and asynchronous course design has been called many things…hyflex, bimodal, polysynchronous, blended…and today, you’ll hear a new term: “omnichannel.”

No matter what you call it, it’s tough to think about managing all of these pieces of a lesson so that all students have the opportunity to learn, engage, and succeed and you don’t get too overwhelmed yourself.

Today’s guest is Dr. Dustin York, and he’s taking us inside his course to share what works, what doesn’t, what challenges he’s had to overcome, and what tech tools and teaching strategies he uses to engage students.

I appreciated his honesty, openness, and enthusiasm to keep trying new things and not giving up. Teaching is hard, especially during this time in history, and I applaud Dustin for having the courage to experiment, learn, and have patience with himself and the process.

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