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Episode 116: Pokémon and Neuroanatomy? How an Educator is Creating a Card Game to Help Students Learn with Dr. Mikaela Stiver

Lecture Breakers podcast


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In episode 116 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Mikaela Stiver joins us to talk about how she is creating a card game (inspired by Pokemon!) to help students learn. 

Mikaela teaches neuroanatomy, and a picture she posted of some cranial nerve cards popped up in my Twitter feed. The cards were beautiful and colorful and although I had no idea who Mikaela was or why I had seen this photo, I knew I wanted to learn more about her story! And that’s what we’re talking about on the show today! I'm so excited to share this creative episode with you!

We discuss:

  • how she came up with the idea to create these cards for her students. 

  • what problems students were having with the course material and how the cards are helping.

  • how students are using the cards to learn.

  • how educators are using the cards to teach.

  • where to start if you want to create your own cards for your course

Show Notes:





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