Episode 13: How to Create Authentic, Engaging, and Meaningful Learning Experiences with Dr. Joshua Eyler

lecture breakers podcast how to create authentic and engaging learning experiences


Our guest on episode 13 of the Lecture Breakers podcast is Dr. Joshua Eyler. Josh is the Director of Faculty Development and Director of the Thinkforward Quality Enhancement Plan at the University of Mississippi. He is also a faculty member in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric.

I invited Josh to the show after reading his book How Humans Learn. He grabbed my attention specifically in chapter 4 when he discussed the idea of prolonged lecturing. This is the idea that instructors talk most of the time and there’s very little, if any, interaction with students.

Josh explains that these types of environments are not authentic. They don’t resemble the natural circumstances under which we learn.

I really appreciate this perspective about lecturing because as we know, lecturing has its place. It’s a teaching strategy just like using discussions or case studies or demonstrations.

But it’s this clarification of the different types of lectures that I find intriguing and one that we need to discuss more in higher education.

I also asked Josh about his advice on how to leverage technology and prevent it from becoming a distraction in the classroom. And, we talk about how to get other colleagues on board with breaking up their lectures and trying new things in their courses.

He shares some great advice that I hope will be helpful as you think about your own professional development in teaching.

Memorable Quotes:

"It's okay to lecture...just not for too long!"

"There's an assumption that all lecturing is the same kind of lecturing."

"The one who does the work does the learning" (Terry Doyle)

"Imagine ways that students can actually apply the information that we're talking about [in class] and have it be meaningful and have it be relevant to the kinds of things they'll do outside of the classroom."

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