Episode 18: How to Use Games to Design Engaging Learning Experiences with Dr. Travis Thurston

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Our guest in episode 18 of the Lecture Breakers podcast is Dr. Travis Thurston, Assistant Director of Empowering Teaching Excellence at Utah State University.

A couple of months ago, I posted a question to the Lecture Breakers Facebook group asking if you are interested in games or gamification as a way to break up lectures.

Based on your responses and emails, it sounds like many of you are definitely interested in this topic, so I have invited several guests to the show to talk about games, gamification, and experiential learning.

The first episode where we talked about games and experiential learning was episode 16 with Mark Collard. Today is our second episode about games, our guest today is Dr. Travis Thurston.

Now, in episode 16, Mark and I discussed specific games and activities you can use for different classroom situations. Today, in this episode, Travis and I are digging a little deeper into the research and benefits of using games as a teaching and learning strategy.

We discuss the different types of games – from Jeopardy to badges to creating your own games. Travis shares the latest research and connects games to different frameworks such as using an "architecture of engagement" to help you think about what types of games to use in your courses and how to connect those games to design meaningful and powerful learning experiences.


Memorable Quotes:

"What if, as teachers, rather than be evaluators, we are actually facilitators?"

"One small change can impact the entire experience for our students."

"We have to create learning environments that allow students to become intrinsically motivated."

Show Notes:


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