Episode 2: Not All Active Learning Strategies are Created Equal

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Overview: In episode #2, I discuss how not all active learning strategies are created equal. I share how "levels of intensity" can be one way to think about active learning strategies before you jump in and try something new. At the end of this episode, I explain how you can use ordering activities to help increase student engagement and improve learning.

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  • Hi Barbi,
    Just wanted to say I LOVE the levels of intensity concept. As I work with Faculty one of the things I hear the most is that they don’t have time to plan active learning sessions. I’ll be able to explain the concept of levels of intensity and provide examples, which they see modeled in my teaching but maybe don’t make the connections. Sometimes I find the low level strategies, a donut for example, can actually elicit some really good critical thinking and problem solving and this type of activity takes me very little time to plan for.

    Leanne Jackson

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