Episode 22: 5 Ways to Help Students Succeed in Online Courses with Holly Owens

lecture breakers podcast 5 ways to help students succeed in online courses with barbi honeycutt and holly owens


In this week’s episode of the Lecture Breakers podcast, our guest is Holly Owens. She is an instructional designer focused on supporting educators who teach online. I think you'll be able to tell just how passionate she is about her work and how much she enjoys helping instructors create effective and engaging online learning experiences for students.

In this episode, Holly shares 5 recommendations for helping students succeed in online courses. A few things you'll learn:

  • How to make online learning a positive and engaging experience for you and your students.

  • What instructional designers do and how they can help you design effective online courses and learning experiences.

  • Strategies to keep students engaged online throughout the semester.

  • Why you should consider using rubrics in your online courses.

  • Why you shouldn't wait until the end of the semester to get student feedback about the course.

  • An easy 3-minute mid-semester evaluation strategy to try in your course.

  • Tech tools that go beyond discussion forums.

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