Episode 23: How to Create More Effective and Engaging Videos Without Getting Overwhelmed with Karen Costa

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Simplify online course design!

This episode of the Lecture Breakers podcast is sponsored by the Online Learning Toolkit!* I have learned so much from the webinars I've watched so far, and that's why I am excited to partner with Judith and Melissa this year. (Judith Dutill, co-founder of the OLT, was our guest on episode 11).

In addition to their webinars, the OLT team also offers a subscription service where you get access to a growing library of short courses. They will teach you how to simplify online course design with easy-to-master methods and processes.

The OLT is an excellent resource for do-it-yourself online course designers and for faculty development professionals who want to provide online, on-demand, and virtual resources for faculty on your campus. (Individual and campus subscriptions are available.) 

Lecture Breakers listeners get 20% off the annual subscription fee ($50) by using the code: LECTUREBREAKERS20  

Let's talk about videos! Our guest for episode 23 of the Lecture Breakers podcast is Karen Costa, the author of the book  99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos.*

Now, I am one of those people who would rather read than watch a video. I’d rather write than speak on a video. The idea of creating my own videos just overwhelms me. The lighting, the technology, the sound quality, the slide design, how many slides, how long should the video be . . . all of these details can stress me out.

But, I've seen the research about videos. I know how powerful videos can be for teaching and learning, which is why I invited Karen to the show.

Her approach is all about creating a simple and sustainable process for using videos in your courses. Sign me up!

And I must say that after this conversation with her, I feel more confident - dare I say even excited - about using videos in my online courses and webinars. I like her approach and the tips she shares, and I know you will too.

Oh, and be sure to check out Karen's FREE webinar for the Online Learning Toolkit on March 4!

In this episode, you'll learn more about: 

  • how to humanize online learning by creating videos that connect with students.
  • how to create a simple and sustainable system you can keep up with without getting overwhelmed.
  • how to let go of thinking your videos need to be "fancy" and overproduced.
  • how to speak from the heart and why it matters in your online videos.
  • tips for overcoming your fear or nervousness when creating your videos.
  • how long your videos should be.
  • why and how to break up your videos to create more engagement.
  • the different types of videos you can use in your course.

Show Notes:

    Some of these resources contain affiliate links (indicated by *). If you purchase a product or sign up for a program through one of these links, I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I only endorse products and services that I think will be helpful for you and that I have used myself. Thank you for your support.


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