Episode 25: Teaching and Learning with Games and Simulations with Dr. Dave Eng

lecture breakers podcast teaching with games and simulations


Dr. Dave Eng is our guest for episode 25 of the Lecture Breakers podcast. Dave is here to talk about games! Since many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about how to teach using games in your courses, I've been inviting different guests to the show to share their stories and advice about teaching with games.

In episode 16, Mark Collard shared ideas about games and experiential learning activities to use in specific scenarios, such as the first day of class or to begin group work. In episode 18, Dr. Travis Thurston shared more about the research and benefits of using games to increase student engagement and improve learning.

Dave talks about how to break up your lectures using games and simulations. He brings a unique perspective to the conversation because he is both a designer and an educator.  He creates his own games, but his research has been focused on the use of what he calls tabletop or “off the shelf” games.

I think one of the main messages in this episode is that you don’t have to create your own games from scratch. Think about your learning outcomes and what you want students to take away from the learning experience, and then go find a game to support those goals.

In this episode, you'll learn more about:



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