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Episode 28: Underprepared Students in the College Classroom: Working with "At Potential" Populations with Dr. Newton Miller

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Our guest today for episode 28 of the Lecture Breakers podcast is Dr. Newton Miller, and I have to say that this is one of the most inspiring episodes I’ve had the privilege to be part of so far as the host of this show.

Many of you have asked for more ways to support students who are “underprepared” for college.

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the use of the term “underprepared” or under-represented or underserved…these words always make me feel like we’re coming from a place of deficit, like something is wrong with a certain population of students.

So, part of my goal with this episode is to re-frame what we mean and have a conversation about how to support ALL students, not just those who are perhaps seen as marginalized or somehow less than.

And I must say, Dr. Newton Miller absolutely delivers! 

He brings it all to the table in this episode and I learned so much about, not only reframing and redefining our perceptions, but he shifts this whole conversation and we talk about how to motivate and inspire students and how to align our teaching strategies and methods with students’ mindset, ultimately leading the success of ALL students.

This episode comes at the perfect time for me because with everything going on in the world right now, and especially in higher education, I just needed some inspiration and positivity. I need some enthusiasm and hope. And I got it all in this conversation. I hope you will find it inspiring too!

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How to re-frame what we mean by "underprepared" and consider new terminology, strategies, and methods.

  • The difference between "survival mindset" vs. "investment mindset" and how to align your teaching strategies and techniques to students' mindset.

  • The importance of communicating confidence in your students and make sure they know you know they will be successful.

  • The difference between motivation vs. inspiration and how you can design for both in your course.

  • The 3 things you should include in a "missing you" email to reach out to students and establish the culture of the learning environment.

  • The "3 pillars of mind" students need to succeed and how mindset influences student motivation, inspiration, and success.

Barbi's favorite quotes in this episode:

  • "We are all underprepared, There's some aspect to all of us where we're going to need some help."

  • "I love education but I don't really like school."

  • "We don't want you to live on the risk side of your life...let's stand on the potential side."

  • "I make an assumption that all of my students need some type of accommodation."

  • "Students can only receive what they perceive."

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