Episode 31: Case Study: How a Professor in Medical Education Broke Away from His Lecture and Re-Engaged His Learners with Dr. Johnathan Goree

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Our guest for episode 31 of the Lecture Breakers podcast is Dr. Johnathan Goree. This episode is a little different. It's our first "case study" episode! 

In this format, we're digging deeper into a situation where one of our colleagues shares their story. They answer questions such as: How did they break up or break away from a lecture? What challenges were they facing? What did they do to address the challenge? How did it go? And, what advice do they have for other educators?

I "met" Dr. Johnathan Goree on Twitter when he shared a tweet about how he stepped away from the PowerPoint slides and during one of his lectures because the learners were not engaged at all. Nothing was working, so he had to change his plan. And he did it right there on the spot in the middle of the class.

I have to say that Johnathan nailed this interview. He is so open and honest during this conversation, and he isn’t afraid to go against expectations and norms to create more successful learning experiences.

I think you'll be inspired and you'll get a few tips for how you can break up your lectures, increase student engagement, and improve learning.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Ideas for engaging a "tough" audience, one that's hard to reach and connect with (in this case, residents during their lunch break).
  • What to do when you've lost a group's attention and how to get it back when none of your usual methods are working.
  • The importance of meeting your audience where they are and the best question to ask them so you can figure out what they need.

  • How to make a space less formal so you can shift expectations and encourage engagement.
  • How to get more comfortable with taking a risk in your lecture and deviating from the norm.

Show Notes & Memorable Quotes:

  • "So much of continuing education in medicine...is delivering what's the new hot update in medicine in a lecture format."

  • "To learn something, I can't be the one speaking 100% of the time."



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