Episode 34: How to Design Effective and Engaging Blended Courses with Dr. Katie Linder

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Description: Dr. Katie Linder joins us in episode 34 of the Lecture Breakers podcast to discuss how to design effective and engaging blended courses. 

Katie is a popular author, scholar, and productivity and writing coach. She’s a powerhouse! She is one of the most productive people I’ve ever met, and I’ve just learned so much from her experience and expertise in writing, teaching, business, and faculty development.

She is involved in so many creative projects one of which is supporting educators in designing effective and engaging blended courses. And that’s what we’re talking about on the show today. It’s a timely topic since there are so many unknowns in education right now about what the upcoming semester will look like.

In this episode, we dive into her book The Blended Course Design Workbook” and discuss the four different kinds of blended course design models, how to address some of the biggest challenges of blended course design, and tips and recommendations to create a well organized and well designed blended learning experience for students.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What is blended learning?
  • What are the 4 types of blended course design models?
  • What is the replacement model and how and how can it help you design effective blended courses?
  • How can you combine other course design models with blended learning to create more engaging learning experiences?
  • How can you address some of the biggest challenges of blended course design?
  • Why does choice, autonomy, and independence matter in course design and how can you integrate those concepts into your blended courses?

Show Notes:



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