Episode 42: Create More Engaging Learning Experiences with The Hidden Code with Steve Creffield

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In episode 42 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Steve Creffield joins us to talk about The Hidden Code, an organizational approach that informs and enriches how you interact with your students. 

Steve is a workshop facilitator, designer, and coach. He’s all about helping shift our focus from WHAT we’re teaching to HOW we’re teaching it…which really is the essence of the Lecture Breakers podcast.

You’ll hear us talk about the 6 different “colors” in The Hidden Code which is a visual representation of the concept. Each color is connected to a specific area within your lecture. You can use these codes to plan and analyze your lesson so you are designing a more intentional, meaningful, and “well balanced” learning experience.

When you look at your lesson through this process, it can help you identify where you might be spending too much time or not enough time. It’s an innovative way to "code" or reflect on your lectures and see what’s missing.

I encourage you to check out The Hidden Code to see how the 6 colors work together. It might help to follow along as you listen to this episode. 


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Show Notes & Takeaways:


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