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Episode 44: How to Create a Culture of Connection in Your Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Courses with Chad Littlefield

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Our guest for episode 44 of the Lecture Breakers podcast is Chad Littlefield. Chad shares 8-10 strategies you can use in your synchronous and asynchronous courses to increase student engagement, connection, and participation.

He advocates for “connection before content” because when your students feel connected, heard, and seen, they are more likely to participate and be engaged. 

And we also talk about combining analog and digital strategies which Chad does by using the We! Connect Cards! Click below to learn more!


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What you'll learn in this episode:

  • What it means to create a culture of connection and why it matters in online courses.

  • Ideas to help students connect with you, with each other, and with the course material.

  • The 3 mindsets your students bring to the learning space and how to adjust your teaching strategies to encourage participation and contribution.

  • Why "connection before content" is important in all courses, especially online.

  • How to combine analog and digital engagement strategies.

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