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Episode 45: Teaching Large Classes: Tips for Engagement and Assessment with Dr. Kathleen Lowney

 lecture breakers podcast episode 45 teaching large classes tips for engagement and assessment with Dr. Kathleen Lowney


Description: In episode 45 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, we're talking about engagement and assessment strategies in large classes.

Dr. Kathleen Lowney joins us to share some of her best tips and strategies for teaching large classes. For the past 10 years, she has been teaching an intro to sociology “supersection” which includes more than 270 students. 

We divided this conversation into 3 main parts: we talk about engagement strategies, assessment and grading, and the logistics of managing such a large class.

She shares how to approach course design from a “less is more” perspective and how she uses what she calls “tripwires” to figure out what students need. And finally, one of my favorite takeaways from this episode is how she uses a Bingo game to give students choice and manage the workload that comes along with grading and assessment.

You'll learn:

  • How to use "tripwires" to identify what students need and where to focus your time and resources.

  • Different types of clicker questions you can ask to break up your lectures and maintain student engagement.

  • How to integrate clicker questions into your assessment processes.

  • The importance of "time on task" and symbols to help students focus and prepare to participate.

  • How to give students choice in assignments, deadlines, and participation points.


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