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Episode 5: Go Ahead! Nerd Out About Teaching with Dr. Jessamyn Neuhaus

nerd out about teaching jessamyn neuhaus lecture breakers podcast episode 5


Dr. Jessamyn Neuhaus from joins us in episode 5 of the Lecture Breakers podcast. She shares her thoughts about being an introvert and preparing for the social interaction (and energy!) required to teach in innovative ways, connect with students, and integrate active learning experiences into our lectures. 

Jessamyn also offers new insights into faculty and student resistance to active learning from the lens of the media and pop culture. She discusses the idea of "disparate teaching realities" that we all unconsciously bring into the classroom and how those preconceived ideas contribute to resistance and the perception of active learning as being "less than" the traditional mode of lecturing.

We explore all of this (and more!), and Jessamyn discusses ways for us to embrace our "nerdiness" when we teach to help us create more meaningful and authentic ways to engage students and improve learning.

Be sure to stick around for Jessamyn's best piece of advice at the end of the show!

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