Episode 54: Simple, Yet Effective Strategies for Teaching Large Classes Online with Dr. Lisa Quinn

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In episode 54 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, we’re continuing our conversations with educators who are teaching large classes.

Today, Dr. Lisa Quinn joins us to talk about how she has shifted to teaching her Anatomy course online by using simple, yet effective teaching strategies to break up her lectures and create more engaging learning experiences. She also talks about how she uses technology to create more opportunities for connection and interaction.

Even though Lisa teaches large classes, the strategies and tools she shares will work regardless of the class size or format. And, you don’t have to redesign your whole course or an entire lecture to use these strategies which is something I think we all need when we’re feeling overwhelmed but still want to make simple changes that will still create meaningful and engaging learning experiences.

You'll learn:

  • Simple, yet effective teaching strategies you can use to break up your lectures and increase student engagement in online courses.

  • How to use technology to enhance interaction and engagement in online courses.

  • More tips for using Zoom, a phone, an iPad, and other tech tools to enhance your online classes.

Show Notes:




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