Episode 58: Active Learning in Socially Distanced Classrooms and Online Courses with Dr. Derek Bruff

active learning in socially distanced classrooms online teaching strategies to engage students



In episode 58 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Derek Bruff, author of Intentional Tech, joins us to talk about active learning strategies in socially distanced in-person classrooms and in synchronous and asynchronous online courses. 

Derek has been a leading voice in my network about teaching with technology and creating active learning experiences during this pandemic. He shares at least 8 different active learning strategies you can use in your course to break up your lectures and increase student engagement.

There are strategies for large classes, small classes, fully online classes, blended classes, and in-person classes. There’s a little something in this episode for everyone!

You'll Learn:

  • Why structure is so important when designing active learning experiences in socially distanced classrooms and online courses.

  • Teaching strategies to bring the different groups of students together so they all feel part of the same community.

  • How to address equality between the in-person students and the remote students. 

  • How to use technology in meaningful ways to enhance the learning experience and align with your learning goals.

  • How to structure your activities so you don't feel like you are creating two or three separate lesson plans for different groups of students.

Show Notes:




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