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Episode 63: How Microlearning Can Improve Retention and Increase Engagement with Renee Davis, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

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In episode 63 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, we talk about how to break up your course content and integrate microlearning and mobile learning in your courses to improve retention and increase engagement.

Our guest today is Renee Davis. She is a nurse and nurse educator, and she’s here to talk about how to re-think your course and create more opportunities for students to learn on-the-go.

We talk about micro-learning and mobile learning, both of which can be part of this movement to give students the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime. It’s all about decreasing barriers and increasing access for our students, and in doing so, we’re re-thinking our course content and the way we’ve always done things.

This idea of “microsizing” your course content works really well in nursing education since nurses are always on the go. Renee shares examples of micro-learning based on her nursing experiences, but I absolutely see the value of this approach in many other disciplines too. And, I personally have been thinking about it related to faculty development!

I hope this conversation inspires you to re-think parts of your course and consider where a micro-learning experience might fit so you can mix things up and create new opportunities for students to learn. 

What You'll Learn:

  • What microlearning is and how it can work with mobile learning to provide students with more opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere.

  • The benefits and challenges of microlearning.

  • What to consider as you design a microlearning experience for your students.

  • How microlearning can help with cognitive load, especially in courses ad professions where information changes quickly.

Show Notes:



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