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Episode 65: The Biggest Takeaways from the 12 Most Downloaded Episodes in 2020

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Description & Show Notes:

In episode 65 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, I share my biggest takeaways from the 12 most downloaded episodes in 2020. (And I even include a lesson I learned from Santa Claus!). 

There were so many amazing episodes. I appreciate every guest and I learned something new from everyone.

I'd love to know what you learned. Share your favorite episode and your biggest takeaways with me on Twitter or in the Lecture Breakers Facebook group. 


  • What I learned from each guest (I learned so much more than I could fit into a 30-minute episode!)
  • My favorite tips or pieces of advice for increasing student engagement.
  • How my son's virtual visit with Santa inspired me to think a little differently about teaching online.
  • A shout out to you for listening to the show, sharing your ideas, and being part of the Lecture Breakers community!

Here are the top 12 most downloaded episodes in 2020: 

  • [12] Episode 48: How to Create Social Spaces in Your Courses with Dr. Melissa Wehler

  • [11] Episode 16: Games and Activities You Can Use to Break Up Your Lectures, Promote Play, and Encourage Connection with Mark Collard 

  • [10] Episode 15: How to Apply a "Marketer's Mindset" to Teaching and Learning with Dr. Norman Eng

  • [9] Episode 58: Active Learning in Socially Distanced Classrooms and Online Courses with Dr. Derek Bruff

  • [8] Episode 57: Teaching on Camera: Tips to Enhance Your Online Presence with Tatiana Rodriguez

  • [7] Episode 22: 5 Ways to Help Students Succeed in Online Courses with Holly Owens

  • [6] Episode 34: How to Design Effective and Engaging Blended Courses with Dr. Katie Linder

  • [5] Episode 53: Teaching Online with Zoom: How to Increase Student Engagement with Aaron Johnson

  • [4] Episode 23: How to Create More Effective and Engaging Online Videos Without Getting Overwhelmed with Karen Costa

  • [3] Episode 27: Shifting Mindsets About Teaching Online with Dr. Michelle Miller

  • [2] Episode 26: How to Integrate Universal Design for Learning Principles In Your Online Courses with Thomas J. Tobin

  • [1] Episode 44: How to Create a Culture of Connection in Your Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Courses with Chad Littlefield


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Thank you so much for listening and being part of the show! I look forward to learning with you in 2021.



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