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Episode 7: How to Use Waves of Energy to Break Up Your Lecture with Dr. Meggin McIntosh

episode 7 lecture breakers podcast


Dr. Meggin McIntosh joins me in episode #7 of the Lecture Breakers podcast. Meggin is known as the Ph.D. of Productivity® , and she works with high-level academics who are tired of being overwhelmed and would rather be overjoyed instead.  Her mission is to help us find more joyful work. 

In this episode, Meggin and I talk about teaching and active learning, and she brings a new perspective to the conversation. She talks about what she calls “waves of energy” as a way to think about how to design active learning experiences in your course.

Meggin shares strategies you can use to pay attention to the students’ energy during a lecture (and throughout a whole semester) to determine when breaking up your lecture is the most effective. And, in the spirit of productivity, she also offers advice on how to manage your time, prioritize, and not get overwhelmed. 

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