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Episode 71: Creative Assessment Strategies with Caleb Curfman

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In episode 71 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Caleb Curfman, a History Instructor at Northland Community and Technical College, joins us to talk about how he has been re-thinking assessment and what it means for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Caleb shares his journey moving from the traditional tests and papers and into more creative assessments where students focus on application and creation, not just memorization and recall.

His students have created comic books, stained glass windows, replicas from historical time periods, podcasts, websites…he shared more examples than I could fit into a 30-minute episode! 

Be sure to connect with Caleb if you want more inspiration for how you can design creative assessments because he is doing an amazing job supporting students and re-defining what assessment and evaluation can look like.

You'll Learn:

  • How to define what creativity means for you and your students.

  • How to help students who may be uncertain or hesitant about creative assignments.

  • How to to get started with integrating creative assessments into your courses.

  • What to consider when creating criteria, establishing equivalency, grading, and giving feedback while also fostering a creative approach to the assignment.

Show Notes:




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