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Episode 73: Engage Students and Serve the Community: How a Professor Creates Transformative Learning Experiences with Civic Engagement Projects

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In episode 73 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, our guest is Dr. Shelly Clevenger, a Department Chair & Associate Professor in the Victim Studies Department at Sam Houston State. I have to say that I really identify with her "rebellious" spirit when it comes to doing things that are unexpected or against the norm in higher education. : )

Shelly is creating incredibly valuable and meaningful learning experiences such as the one we’ll discuss on this episode. She shares a civic engagement project she is most proud of.

It’s a performance piece to help students integrate content, connect with and serve the community, and raise funds for a local nonprofit. It’s definitely an ambitious project that breaks away from the traditional lecture, test, lecture, test cycle we see so often in education.

Finally, she shares tips for preparing students to participate in these active learning experiences and we briefly discuss what she is doing in her role as a department chair to support instructors who want to try more creative teaching strategies and offer more opportunities to connect with the community.


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