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Episode 8: Innovative Ways to Involve Students and Integrate Technology Into Your Courses with Dr. Mike Wesch

lecture breakers podcast teaching and learning in higher education

Dr. Michael Wesch joins me in episode #8 to discuss innovative ways to involve students and integrate technology in both online and face-to-face courses.

Since his "A Vision of Students Today" YouTube video went viral back in 2007 (5+ million views), he has become well-known for challenging us to think about how we design innovative, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences in our courses.

The New York Times listed him as one of 10 professors in the nation whose courses “mess with old models" (which is the point of the Lecture Breakers podcast!).

This episode will make you think about your own creativity and how you approach innovation in your courses. He explains, "The new lecture podium is the Youtube 16:9 square" which challenges all of us to re-think our roles as educators and how our students interact with technology for the purposes of teaching and learning. 

We also talk about active learning in large classes (75-450 students!), assessment, time management, and more. Be sure to listen to the end. It’s an honest conversation with a trailblazer in teaching and learning in higher education.

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