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Episode 91: Take Your Active Learning Experiences to the Next Level with Dr. Susan Hrach




In episode 91 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Susan Hrach joins us to talk about how to put the "active" back into active learning! 

We discuss ways you can break up your lectures and bring concepts to life for students by focusing on the physical environment, sensory experiences, and different modes of engagement. 

Susan's new book, Minding Bodies: How Physical Space, Sensation, and Movement Affect Learning, will change the way you think about active learning in your courses.

I loved this conversation, and I really enjoyed the book because it takes the concept of active learning to the next level. 

In this episode, we explore questions such as:

  • How does the body shape our cognitive processes?

  • What are the artifacts of your discipline that will help bring course concepts to life for your students?

  • How can you offer different modes of engagement and sensory experiences in your lessons to give students a more meaningful connection to the content?

  • How can we adapt the principles of place-based learning, immersive learning experiences, object-based learning, and sensory enhanced movement based activities to our lectures?

  • How can you integrate physical movement into your courses (including online courses)?

I learned so much, and I am already re-thinking the design of some of my lessons and workshops. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much I did!

Favorite Quote:

"I think active learning can benefit from putting the focus on the active." --Dr. Susan Hrach

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