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Episode 93: Teaching Synchronously in Zoom: Tips for Chat Sessions and Breakout Rooms with Dr. Dan Levy




In episode 93 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Dan Levy joins us to talk about teaching synchronously in Zoom. He is a faculty member at Harvard University and author of the book, Teaching Effectively with Zoom: A Practical Guide to Engaging Your Students and Help Them Learn.

Dan shares tips for designing effective and engaging chat sessions, and we also talk about the 3 phases of planning your breakout room activities so they are more meaningful and successful for you and your students.

You'll Learn:

  • The 5 key ways students can engage in an online class.

  • How chat sessions and breakout rooms can be more effective strategies for engagement than in-person activities.

  • Tips for creating engaging and effective chat sessions.

  • A 3-phase plan for designing successful breakout rooms.

  • Ways to help students make their learning visible.

Show Notes:




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