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Episode 97: Making Team Projects Work (Part 1) with Dr. Tim Franz and Dr. Lauren Vicker




In episode 97 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Lauren Vicker and Dr. Tim Franz join us to talk about how to make team projects work. 

This conversation was packed with so many valuable tips and resources that I just had to make it a 2-part episode because I didn’t want to cut anything and I wanted to share the whole conversation with you!

No matter who you teach or what you teach, this episode has something for everyone who wants to improve teamwork and communication in your courses

You'll Learn:

  • What makes a "good" or successful team project and what to consider as you design a group learning experience.

  • The one mistake most of us make when creating group or team projects and what you need to do to make it a positive learning experience.

  • What to consider when working with virtual teams.

  • How faculty and student resistance influence team projects in the college classroom.


Show Notes:




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