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It's important to have a plan for any lesson you want to FLIP. Without a plan, you risk creating flipped classrooms and flipped learning experiences that are chaotic, disjointed, or disorganized.

While you do want a flipped classroom that is dynamic, interactive, and engaging, you do NOT want to create confusion, increase frustration, or feel out of control.

That's why it's important to take the time to plan a lesson, especially in flipped and active learning classrooms.

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flipped classroom lesson planning template

Why This Tool Works in Flipped Classrooms and Active Learning Environments:

I have used this lesson planning tool in faculty development workshops throughout the country and in my online professional development courses. This planning template has been applied to every discipline in nearly every type of college and university setting.

When you take the time to use a flipped lesson planning template, you ensure you have:

(1) identified the flippable moments in the course so you know whether or not this lesson needs to be flipped in the first place.
(2) considered how the pre-class work aligns with the in-class activities.
(3) allotted the necessary amount of time for activities. 
4) identified and gathered resources and tools needed to implement the lesson.

How This Tool Works in Flipped Classrooms:

I encourage you to use a two-step process to think strategically about which learning outcomes students are focusing on outside of class and how those experiences will help students achieve the in-class learning outcomes.

In step 1, you use my Bloom's Taxonomy Brainstorming Worksheet to outline your learning outcomes for the lesson you want to FLIP.

By writing learning outcomes for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy, you can clearly see which learning outcomes to move outside of class and which ones to focus on during class. It's also an excellent way to address the Curse of Knowledge.

Then, in step 2, you use the Flipped Lesson Planning Worksheet to plan the details.

Planning questions include: What will students do prior to class? How will class begin? What will students do during class time? What resources do you need to implement the lesson? How will class end?

By using these two worksheets, you can create an organized flipped learning experience. I have packaged these worksheets and examples into a free Lesson Planning Packet.

What's Included:

When you download your copy of the FREE FLIP It Lesson Planning Packet, you will receive:

  • Bloom's Taxonomy Brainstorming Worksheet Template 
  • Bloom's Taxonomy Brainstorming Worksheet Example 
  • Lesson Flipped Lesson Planning Worksheet Template 
  • Flipped Lesson Planning Worksheet Example


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flipped classroom lesson planning template