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FREE Resources Guide: How to Write a Teaching Philosophy

how to write a teaching philosophy teaching statement

Here is a free resources guide to help you start writing your teaching philosophy. If you are a graduate student, postdoc, or faculty member looking for an academic position, this guide will help you start this process.

This guide is part of my new online course "Create Your Teaching Portfolio in 5 Steps."  This course includes examples and critiques of teaching philosophies and teaching portfolios, and you can download templates and tools to connect your philosophy to your portfolio. Learn more.


(Note: This guide was designed to complement the Beyond the Professoriate webinar. You can join the community to access the on-demand webinar, but you do not have to view the webinar or be a member of the community to use the resources guide.)

Faculty job descriptions often ask you to submit a teaching statement or teaching philosophy along with your CV and cover letter.  In this guide, you can start this process by using a rubric to help you organize your teaching philosophy and create a document you can submit with your job application materials.


When you use this guide, you will reflect on your teaching experience and articulate your mission, values, and goals for student learning. As you write your teaching philosophy, you can use the rubric to determine what content you need to include and how you might want to organize your ideas.

This guide also includes a resources page with links to free online reflection tools to help you analyze your teaching experiences.


  • Teaching philosophy rubric
  • Bonus article: Your Teaching Portfolio 
  • Recommended resources
  • Links to free online reflection tools
  • Information about the teaching portfolio online course