FREE Virtual Conference Planning Guide: 12 Important Decisions You Need to Make Before You Launch

how to plan a virtual conference online event free guide

Are you thinking about planning a virtual conference? A virtual conference is a great way to bring your audience together, share ideas, and make new connections.

If you have your own business, a virtual conference can help you grow your brand, raise awareness about your products and services, and offer an additional source of income.

I launched my first online conference in June 2020. I asked my audience what format they were most interested in and which topics would be most helpful. I invited presenters, worked with sponsors, and built an online community to support the conference.

I doubled the number of visitors to my website, and I added more than 500 subscribers to my email list. It was the most successful and rewarding event I have created as part of my business. It was also fun, and I "met" so many creative colleagues!

As I reflect on my planning process, I wanted to share the 12 most important decisions I made so you can start planning your own virtual conference. I packaged into this free guide.

This guide includes:

  • Article: A list of the 12 important decisions you need to make before you launch your conference.

  • Example Agenda & Program: Here's the agenda and program I used for the Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference in 2020.