4 (More!) Podcasts for Academics Who Want to Start and Grow a Business

Here are 4 more podcasts and blogs to help you launch and grow your business as you combine your academic expertise, scholarship, and entrepreneurial goals.

The first podcast I remember listening to was Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income. It was the fall of 2014, and I was about six months pregnant with my first child. On a whim, I downloaded an episode to my iPod, put in my earbuds, and listened to Pat's story.

I clearly remember standing in the nursery organizing baby clothes, diapers, bibs, and other newborn necessities while listening to Pat explain how to build a business "without trading time for dollars."

This one moment changed my mindset, shifted my whole career, and launched an entirely new direction for my business (and my life). It was also the moment I really started envisioning exactly how I could leave my full-time university job and become an entrepreneur now.

Not someday. Not one day. Now.

My Last Day:  Goodbye Depressing Cubicle

On my last day of working in my full-time university position, I took this picture. Every single day, for 40+ hours a week, this was my view from my desk:

I wasn't allowed to move my desk, rearrange the position of my computer, or hang any personal items on the fake walls. I could stand up and see the tops of my coworkers' heads, and I could hear their conversations and phone calls. "White noise" was filtered in through speakers and the harsh fluorescent lighting only added to the sterile, dull, and depressing environment.

Looking back, I guess I realize now that I took this picture as a reminder of why I left and what I don't want in my career or life. I've shared my story in blog posts and podcasts about how changes in the academy, a bullying boss, and my own need for more creativity influenced my decision to resign from my full-time university position.

I know now that I need the freedom to pursue my passions and see where my interests take me. I need to be creative and inspired. I need to experiment with new ideas, try new things, and take risks. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. But, I'm doing it all on my terms, not someone else's. 

I always had dreams of being an entrepreneur, and maybe you do too. If you're not sure what that looks like yet or what kind of business you want to create, that's okay.

It wasn't until I started following the work of other online entrepreneurs and listening to their stories that I realized exactly what type of business and lifestyle I wanted to create for myself and my family. 

Now that I've shared part of my story with you, I'd like to recommend four more of my favorite podcasts from other entrepreneurs who are sharing their stories, serving their clients, and creating the life they want.

Add a few of these episodes to your playlist and see what inspires you to move forward towards your next goal.

Here are 4 more of my favorite podcasts. Maybe they'll help you begin your journey as a scholarly entrepreneur:

Amy Porterfield's Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Created by Amy Porterfield If you want to learn how to market your ideas and grow your email list, this is the podcast to listen to. Amy provides step-by-step guidance, easy to use templates, and helpful advice that can be adapted to any niche.

I tend to browse through the topics for each episode and download the ones that are most relevant to me at whatever stage of my business I'm in. When I first started, I listened to Amy's podcasts about how to build an email list and how to create valuable opt-ins for my audience. I put her recommendations into action and tripled my subscriber list within a few months.

The ProBlogger Podcast

Created by Darren Rowse I used to listen to this podcast while I walked around the neighborhood during my morning workout. I quickly changed my approach because when I listen to Darren's podcast, I need to have a pen and paper or my laptop close by to take notes! Darren's podcast is FILLED with actionable advice you can use to create a successful blog. He offers everything from writing prompts to the latest trends in blogging.

I am also seeing more academics create blogs and share their scholarship outside of journals, so blogging is an excellent way to connect with your audience and share your scholarly work beyond the walls of academia. If a blog is part of your business model, be sure to browse the ProBlogger website and check out the podcast.

Youpreneur with Chris Ducker

Created by Chris Ducker I only recently started listening to the Youpreneur podcast after catching up with some of the other ones on my list. Chris offers advice on how to position your SELF as an entrepreneur and a brand. He offers insight on how to create an original, authentic brand that represents who you are, who you serve, what you value, and how you bring your expertise to the world. There's a conference, a book, a course, a blog...lots of resources here to help you build your online brand.

Building a StoryBrand

Created by Donald Miller I found StoryBrand by accident. I was searching for ideas to re-design my website and expand my personal brand, and I found Donald Miller's free e-course 5 Things Your Website Should Include.

If you are just starting to build your website, or if you're thinking about ways to expand on your personal or business brand, you should definitely take the time to watch the free videos and listen to the earliest podcast episodes. You will see your website and your brand through the eyes of your customer which will help you serve the right people, meet their needs, and make a profit.

I have found the book to be more helpful than the most recent podcast episodes, but that's mainly because right now I'm interested in re-branding my business and expanding on my services.

Your Turn! 

If you’re an academic who has built a business (or is thinking about it) I’d love to hear from you. I call us “scholarly entrepreneurs” and I think it’s time for more of us to leverage our skills as academics and make our impact on the entrepreneurial world.

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