Reflection Guide: Transferable Skills in Teaching

Reflection Guide: Transferable Skills in Teaching

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Here is a free reflection guide to help you reflect on the top 10 transferable skills in teaching. If you are a graduate student, postdoc, or faculty member looking for positions outside of academia, this guide might be helpful as you consider your next career move. 

Teaching experience can be your greatest competitive advantage. When you teach, you gain skills and experiences that can be valuable to any position in any profession. 

When you use this guide, you will reflect on your current and past teaching experiences. This will help you see the "big picture" as you compare and contrast the different types of teaching experiences you have and the skills you gained through those experiences. Then you will map your teaching skills to the job description or position you are interested in. 

This guide includes:

  • A list of the 10 transferable skills in teaching
  • Reflection questions
  • Mapping template
  • Tips and advice
  • Resources and recommended readings

Note: This guide was designed to complement the Beyond the Professoriate webinar. You can join the community to access the on-demand webinar, but you do not have to view the webinar to use the reflection guide.)