It’s challenging to come up with new, creative ways to engage your students. Every day, when you arrive (or log in) to your classroom,  you are responsible for creating a space for students to learn from you and from each other.

It’s not an easy task. But you can do it! I can help.

Hi, I’m Barbi, and I share ideas and create resources you can use to engage students and improve learning. 

The resources I provide are grounded in theory, informed by research, and designed for practical application. My goal is to support you in your pursuit of teaching excellence. 

When you are successful, your students will be successful. And that’s why I dedicate my energy to supporting you

P.S.  Teaching isn't all I do! Be sure to check out the Start Here page for more ways we can work together. 



Engaging Speaker: Invited keynote speaker and facilitator for 3,500+ events for 20,000+ educators.

Creative Facilitator: Designs interactive "hands-on" coursesworkshops, and webinars to engage participants.

Published Author: Author of six books including Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty

Recognized Expert: Featured in the Top 100 list of “NC Educators to Follow on Twitter.

Featured Blogger: Recognized as a “Favorite Faculty Development Blog ”by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Trusted Consultant: Works with groups, departments, and organizations to develop new programs and projects.